We've Moved!

Daniel has joined forces with the Suzuki Strings of Austin! Check out their website now for the latest news and schedules, or to get in touch and join the studio. Thanks! (You will be forwarded there momentarily automatically.)

Studio Policy - Daniel Gee

email: daniel.t.gee@gmail.com
phone: 631.839.9782


  • Please notify me 24 hours in advance (unless emergency) by phone and by email whenever there are conflicts and you are unable to make a lesson.
  • I cannot offer make-up lessons without 24 hours notice.
  • If I am not given sufficient notice, payment is necessary for missed lessons.
  • Arrive to lessons at least 10 minutes early. Leave travel time available for traffic.


Being in a richly musical environment reinforces learning. Many lesson situations will have more than one student or family at a time. Please be quiet and respectful of each other’s lesson time. For young children, bring quiet toys (puzzles, drawing paper, coloring books, etc.) so they can learn in the environment without being a distraction to others. Arrive early to your lesson to observe the end of another student’s lesson.


  • Lesson notebook and folder or binder with pockets. Paper and staff paper.
  • Music Books (current and past Suzuki volumes, music reading book, orchestra music)
  • Pencil and a pen.
  • Target small bath mat. (for beginners).
  • Tape recorder/video camera (optional).

Student Resposibilities

  • Come to class with a smile and ready to learn!
  • Unpack your instrument, put on shoulder rest, and rosin your bow before your lesson time.
  • Practice assignments include: scale, tonalization, reading, working piece, polished piece, and review pieces.
  • Listen to Suzuki CD’s every day.
  • Clip finger nails!!!!

Parent Responsibilities

  • Turn off cell phones/ pagers prior to entering the classroom.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before lesson time.
  • Bring handouts/ assigned music to class and take notes for your child’s weekly practice.
  • Review material during home practice sessions.
  • Parents play an integral role in the learning environment, therefore, the parent who practices at home should attend each lesson.

Recommended Parent Reading List

  • Nurtured by Love by Shin’ichi Suzuki
  • Ability Development from Age Zero by Shin’ichi Suzuki
  • Helping Parents Practice by Edmund Sprunger
  • The Suzuki Violinist by William Starr
  • To Learn With Love by William and Constance Starr
  • Teaching from the Balance Point by Ed Kreitman